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The first draft is only the first step. Start 2015 right,
and let Lani help you make your novel as good as it can be!
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We’re passionate about the craft and the art of narrative, and we want to help you tell better, stronger, more compelling stories.
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Publishing Services

Feeling lost? If you’re a self-publishing author and you don’t know where to turn, we have everything you need. From story editing to cover design, we can help you get your book into your reader’s hands!
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Join us as we discuss the craft and art of storytelling in our favorite books, movies and TV shows — all for free, and all from the comfort of your very own headphones!

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Dusted 11: Inca Pirate Guy

This week, we spend some time with the Inca Mummy Girl (2.04), meet two new members of our recurring cast, and spin some lore about some high-waisted jeans.

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