It isn’t all work, work, work here at StoryWonk. Sometimes, we talk about work. Or think about work. Or find cute internet things that are somewhat entertaining, but still distinctly work-related.

So, if you should find yourself without an idea for your next bestselling novel, you should check out the StoryWonk Story Generator, which will present you with a hand-crafted, bespoke story idea.

And once you have your idea, you need to think about your writing process. Every book is different, and the only way to discover what works for you is to kiss all the frogs, and discover which ones are secretly princes. The best place to start? With the StoryWonk Frog Box, of course!

Of course, the Story Generator doesn’t fill in one important detail: your characters still don’t have names! It’s time for the StoryWonk Character Namer, which will automagically generate names for your contemporary hero and heroine, your fantasy heroes, and your mobster and femme fatale. What more could you need?

If you have ideas for tools of distraction and procrastination here on StoryWonk, let us know!