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One of the simplest and most important things you can do to help StoryWonk grow is to tell people about our classes and lectures, editorial services, podcasts, or about the awesome StoryWonk community. If you have a blog or podcast of your own, tell your audience all about us, or invite us to appear, either together or apart. If you are a part of a writing or critique group, a book group, or a chapter of a writing association, tell people about us — or better yet, invite us to come give a live lecture or presentation.

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Sure, you can support us by buying any old thing on Amazon — but what if you want an amazing StoryWonk-branded T-shirt? New shirt designs are added every six weeks or so, so check back for new shirts from your favorite podcasts! Check out our store here!


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Sure, living in the high-tech digital future is awesome, but what if you want to send an actual, real-life thing into our mailbox? Whether you want to send us a postcard from your latest adventure, or some homemade crafts for our studio, this is the address you need!

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If you’d like to send us a dollar or two toward our hosting costs, to upgrade our equipment, or to buy us a bottle of wine for the next recording session, click the button below! You can also send checks to the mailing address above, made payable to Lani Diane Rich. Thank you!