Every week on Dusted, we discuss the next episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, one of the most complex, progressive and genre-defining TV shows in history. We’re rapidly approaching the end of season three — considered by many fans to be the best of the twelve seasons of Buffy and the spin-off show Angel — and we want your thoughts on your favorite moments, characters and episodes. On September 17th, we’ll release our season three wrap-up episode, and we’d like to include as much feedback from the listeners of Dusted as we possibly can!

Below, you’ll find a series of polls on your favorite and least favorite episodes, as well as your favorite character, romance and writer. You can only vote once, and we’re looking for your personal favorite, not necessarily the objective best.

If you have more to say, leave a comment on this post, email podcast@storywonk.com, or call our voicemail line on 252-505-WONK(9665). We won’t be able to use every comment on the season three wrap-up show, but we’ll do our best! If you’re going to leave a comment here in public, please be respectful about spoilers for events which occur after season three, as some of our listeners are enjoying the show for the first time.

Thanks, everyone!

The season three fan poll is now closed. Thanks for voting, everyone!

Thank you for voting, and stay tuned for our thoughts on Graduation Day and the big season three wrap-up show. For our future plans, including our schedule for watching Angel, click here.