Lani’s Revision Bundle

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Like you, we have our holiday traditions. We trim the tree too late, we finish the wine too early, and we look forward to Lani’s January Revision class, a chance to take our rough drafts apart and put them back together better.

Unfortunately, Lani doesn’t have the space in her schedule to run a new revision class this year, so we’re going the extra mile to bring you something very special: Lani’s 2013 Revision class, re-packaged, re-mastered, and yours to keep!

Why do I need Lani’s Revision Bundle?

Finishing a book is a huge achievement, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth. There’s no feeling better than wrapping everything up, sending your characters off to their happy-ever-after, and adding the last two words to your manuscript: The End.

But the first draft is only the first step, and there’s still work to be done. Does your conflict work? Do you land your character arcs? Is your heroine too stupid to live? How do you take a fantastic and flawed first draft, and turn it into a finished novel, ready for the world?

StoryWonk’s Revision class will show you how to take your book apart, and put it back together better. Over the course of four packed weeks, Lani will help you understand the basic concepts of novel structure and craft, and how they apply to your book; then, armed with that understanding, she’ll guide you through the process of strengthening, polishing and perfecting your work. This class is not about following a formula, or making your book the same as everyone else’s: it’s about making your novel as strong, as unique, as compelling and as awesome as it can be.

What do the Revision lectures cover?

  • Introduction to Revision
    What Revision is, a review of structure, what works and what doesn’t, magic and craft, being ruthless.
  • Common Culprits and Scene Analysis
    Common problems with structure, character, goal, motivation and conflict; making things worse and making things better.
  • Applying Structure
    Applying structure, identifying and strengthening your anchor scenes, understanding pacing.
  • Moving Into Revision
    Preparing for revision and editing, setting goals, managing consistency and continuity, beta readers.

When you pick up this special offer, you’ll get downloadable copies of all four lectures from the January 2013 revision class — more than four and a half hours of live presentation — along with audio versions of each lecture for your MP3 player, and a full array of notes and exercises in PDF format.

You keep calling it a bundle — what’s bundled?

All the lectures, both video and audio, and the supporting material. And that’s not all — you’ll also get a free copy of our StoryWonk Essentials: Structure lecture, an hour-long primer for the concepts and terminology and Lani’s going to address throughout the revision class.

But the live class is over! What happens if I have a question?

If you have any questions or queries about one of the points that Lani discusses, or about your book in particular, then you can email Lani directly, and get fresh, up-to-the-minute advice!

Hit the PayPal link below, and pick up you copy today!

Lani’s Revision Bundle