Master Class: Revision

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Lani is insightful, professional, funny, and seriously knows what she’s talking about. I finally understand how to get the million elements to click together, make the structure clearer and better, and get the story to flow the way I’d envisioned. It changed the way I write, probably forever.

– Maya Rozenshein

When it comes to writing your novel, the first draft is only the first step. A finished manuscript is nothing but potential — but you need help and guidance if you’re going to take that manuscript and turn it into something your readers will love!

In this brand-new class, story expert Lani Diane Rich will show you how to take that rough diamond and make it shine. Lani will help you identify and strengthen conflict, your structure, your pacing and your climax. With engaging examples and references to popular works — including the recent blockbuster movie Guardians of the Galaxy — Lani will lead you through the process of making your book strong, accessible and engaging, without losing any of your unique voice and perspective. This class isn’t about turning your book into something average; it’s about making it shine!

Over the course of four intensive lectures, this class will be your comprehensive, step-by-step guide to revising your novel. You’ll cover:

  • Protecting your voice and magic during revision
  • Identifying and strengthening your central narrative conflict
  • Strengthening your anchor scenes to keep your story moving
  • Keeping your worker scenes focused and productive
  • Bringing your characters to life
  • Understanding and regulating your pacing
  • Working with beta readers
  • … and much, much more!

This downloadable class contains both video and audio recordings of the lectures, along with extensive notes. These files are provided DRM-free, meaning that you can copy them to your laptop, your tablet, your phone, or any other device. You can view the lectures as many times as you like, as often as you need to — this class won’t just change how you revise your current book, but every book!

Buy your Revision class today, and you’ll receive a download link so you can get started immediately. After all, the world is waiting for your novel!

StoryWonk’s Revision Class

$70 $35