StoryWonk Essentials: Dialogue

StoryWonk Essentials focus on the tools that every writer needs. Each stand-alone lecture introduces a vital concept, and explores it thoroughly; together, they’ll give you a thorough grounding in the craft and technique necessary to make your story the best it can be. Accessible enough to act as a first introduction but advanced enough to help you improve your work, this is the best place to begin, whether you’re a new writer, or just new to StoryWonk!

In the StoryWonk Essentials: Dialogue lecture, Lani will introduce you to all the skills you need when dealing with dialogue. From attribution and dialect to backstory and conflict, you’ll gain all the skills you need to keep your dialogue focused, accessible and enchanting.

What is dialogue? What is the relationship between dialogue and action? How do you keep your dialogue both real and readable? Lani will answer all these questions, and many more besides, in this smart, insightful and funny lecture.

The lecture package includes the video presentation, a copy of the audio track in .mp3 format, and a .PDF of examples. These files are all free from copy protection, so you can use them on your computer, smartphone, or other device — whatever works for you!

StoryWonk Essentials: Dialogue