StoryWonk Essentials: Structure

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StoryWonk Essentials focus on the tools that every writer needs. Each stand-alone lecture introduces a vital concept, and explores it thoroughly; together, they’ll give you a thorough grounding in the craft and technique necessary to make your story the best it can be. Accessible enough to act as a first introduction but advanced enough to help you improve your work, this is the best place to begin, whether you’re a new writer, or just new to StoryWonk!

In the first StoryWonk Essentials lecture, Lani will introduce you to narrative structure. From Aristotle to Vince Vaughn, she will explore the nature of craft and magic, the purpose of structure, the seven anchor scenes, and both how and when to consciously use structure to make your story stronger, and better deliver your unique voice and magic to your reader.

What is structure? Why is the Jaws music important? What are the anchor scenes? How should you refer to Aristotle at dinner parties? Lani will answer all these questions, and many more besides, in this smart, insightful and funny lecture.

The lecture package includes the video presentation, a copy of the audio track in .mp3 format, and a wealth of supporting material to guide you through your next steps. These files are all free from copy protection, so you can use them on your computer, smartphone, or other device — whatever works for you!

StoryWonk Essentials: Structure