The Journeyman Writer’s Handbook: Living And Working Online

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The Journeyman Writer’s Handbook is a series of classes designed to make your writing life more productive, more rewarding and more successful. Living And Working Online is the first of these classes, and is your guide to building your online home, attracting loyal readers, and publishing independently.

The internet has changed everything for writers. It’s no longer possible to lock yourself away in an attic room and emerge every year or two with a brand-new manuscript. Now, you have to interact with your readers via email and social media. You have to market yourself and your books, even if you have a contract with a traditional publisher. You have to create new content, maintain personal and professional relationships, and give your book the very best chance to find its audience.

And you have to stay sane while doing all of that in the public eye, and still finding the time to write.

But don’t be intimidated: there are ways of managing your online life that will allow you to be more productive, to build and encourage a passionate community of readers and supporters, and to spend your time doing the things you love.

Over the course of this two-hour class, Alastair will be your guide as we explore:

  • Building and maintaining your online space
  • Interacting with readers, critics and peers
  • Creating content: blogs, podcasts and digital media
  • Managing your brand and keeping the signal clean
  • Social media presence and strategy
  • Digital publishing

If you have questions about marketing yourself and your books online, how to engage with readers and build a loyal following, how to secure your online identity, how to make the most of your social media connections or how to begin thinking about publishing independently, then this class will give you everything you need to get started. It will give you an overview of the terms, technologies and theories that are the foundation of our new connected world, all in a useful, clear and accessible way, as well as specific, step-by-step advice on setting up your new online life, and making it work for you.

This is a two-hour class, presented by story expert, web designer and social media engineer Alastair Stephens. In the downloadable packet, you’ll find video and audio recordings of the lecture, including Q&As from the live audience, along with notes and a transcript of the key points. Those files are DRM free, and you’ll be able to keep them, watch or listen to them as often as you like, and copy them to any computer or device that you on.

The Journeyman Writer’s Handbook: Living And Working Online