The Journeyman Writer’s Handbook: Character Crafting

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The Journeyman Writer’s Handbook is a series of classes designed to make your writing life more productive, more rewarding and more successful. Character Crafting is the third of these classes, and is your guide to writing complex, engaging, convincing and unforgettable characters.

Strong characters are the heart of strong stories. No matter how dynamic your plot, how thrilling your climax, how rock-solid your structure, you need to bring your characters to life if you want to hook your reader. And that’s no easy task: writing vivid, three-dimensional characters who speak and act and feel like real people is a challenge for even the most accomplished writer.

Over the course of this two-hour class, Alastair will be your guide as we explore:

  • Why character matters
  • Goals and motivation
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Capability and vulnerability
  • Dialogue and action
  • Internal and external identity
  • Populating your world
  • Keeping your characters connected to each other, and your reader

By the end of the class, you’ll be able to bring to life to your protagonist, antagonist, and your entire supporting cast.

This is a two-hour class, presented by story expert Alastair Stephens. In the downloadable packet, you’ll find video and audio recordings of the lecture, including Q&As from the live audience, along with notes and a transcript of the key points. Those files are DRM free, and you’ll be able to keep them, watch or listen to them as often as you like, and copy them to any computer or device that you on.

TJWH: Character Crafting