The Journeyman Writer’s Handbook: Diving Into Discovery

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The Journeyman Writer’s Handbook is a series of classes designed to make your writing life more productive, more rewarding and more successful. Diving Into Discovery is the fourth of these classes, and is your guide to making the most of your creativity, and getting ready to write.

Discovery is an often-overlooked part of the writing process. It isn’t just about coming up with an idea and sketching out a plan for your novel; it’s about fueling and feeding your creativity, investing in your world and in your characters, figuring out your unique voice and writing process, and building your momentum.

Over the course of this two-hour class, Lani will guide you through:

  • Understanding your unique voice and perspective
  • Finding and casting your characters
  • Building your world
  • Preparing for the drafting phase
  • Fueling your creativity

Understanding your discovery process won’t just help you write a stronger, more engaging novel; it will make the experience of writing your novel easier and more rewarding. Every book begins with discovery, and yours begins with Diving Into Discovery!

This is a two-hour class, presented by New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Lani Diane Rich. In the downloadable packet, you’ll find video and audio recordings of the lecture, including Q&As from the live audience, along with notes and a transcript of the key points. Those files are DRM free, and you’ll be able to keep them, watch or listen to them as often as you like, and copy them to any computer or device that you on.

TJWH: Diving Into Discovery