The Journeyman Writer’s Handbook: Story and Screenwriting

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The Journeyman Writer’s Handbook is a series of classes designed to make your writing life more productive, more rewarding and more successful. Story and Screenwriting is the seventh of these classes, and is your guide to understanding storytelling in a visual medium.

Story is story is story; the fundamentals remain the same moving from one form to another, but the execution differs. Story and Screenwriting will introduce you to screenwriting as a form, and get you started on telling your own stories in this powerful visual — and essentially collaborative — medium. Drawing on her years of experience introducing film students to screenwriting and storytelling at Syracuse University‘s prestigious S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Lani will guide both new and experienced screenwriters into a stronger understanding of the craft.

Over the course of this two-hour class, Lani will be your guide as we explore:

  • Overview of screenplay format
  • Screenplay as a collaborative form
  • Playing to the strengths of storytelling in a visual medium
  • Basics of conflict, structure and character
  • Narrative units and complete stories
  • Traditional and new media opportunities for screenwriters

You will leave the class with all the knowledge you need to get started as a screenwriter, whether for the movie industry, for television, or in the exciting world of new media.

This is a two-hour live class, presented by bestselling novelist and screenwriting expert Lani Diane Rich. In the downloadable packet, you’ll find video and audio recordings of the lecture, including Q&As from the live audience, along with notes and a transcript of the key points. Those files are DRM free, and you’ll be able to keep them, watch or listen to them as often as you like, and copy them to any computer or device that you own.

TJWH: Story And Screenwriting