dia benner

At long last, we emerge from the long Outlander-less winter, and turn our attention to the 2016 Spring Seminar: Diana Gabaldon’s Dragonfly In Amber.

This seminar series is going to be split into sixteen parts: one introductory lecture, twelve lectures looking at each part of the book in turn, and three live Q&A sessions. Unlike last year, most of the lectures will be pre-recorded, and not broadcast live. The pre-recorded lectures will be released at 12PM Eastern every Friday for the next few months; the live sessions, which will happen at the beginning of February, March and April, will take place at 9PM Eastern on Tuesday evenings. As well as being broadcast live on YouTube, the live sessions will be available after the fact on YouTube, and the audio will join the all the lectures in the The Scot And The Sassenach podcast feed, to which you can subscribe on iTunes, via Stitcher, via RSS, or through your podcast app of choice.

So this is the schedule, and because the lectures will be pre-recorded, we can be fairly confident that we’ll stick to it!

  • Friday, January 8th – Introduction
    The book, the seminar and Jacobite history
  • Friday, January 15th – Lecture 1
    Chapters 1 to 5
  • Friday, January 22nd – Lecture 2
    Chapters 6 to 8
  • Friday, January 29th – Lecture 3
    Chapters 9 to 12
  • Friday, February 5th – Lecture 4
    Chapters 13 to 17
  • Tuesday, February 9th – Live Session 1
    Q&A on Parts 1 & 2
  • Friday, February 12th – Lecture 5
    Chapters 18 to 21
  • Friday, February 19th – Lecture 6
    Chapters 22 to 26
  • Friday, February 26th – Lecture 7
    Chapters 27 to 29
  • Friday, March 4th – Lecture 8
    Chapters 30 to 35
  • Tuesday, March 8th – Live Session 2
    Q&A on Parts 3, 4, & 5
  • Friday, March 11th – Lecture 9
    Chapters 36 to 37
  • Friday, March 18th – Lecture 10
    Chapters 38 to 42
  • Friday, March 25th – Lecture 11
    Chapters 43 to 46
  • Friday, April 1st – Lecture 12
    Chapters 47 to 49
  • Tuesday, April 5th – Live Session 3
    Q&A on Parts 6 & 7

Hope you’re looking forward to the seminar as much as I am! If you have questions, comments, ideas or suggestions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email, or over on the StoryWonk forum, where I’ll set up discussion spaces within the next couple of days.

And as always, a huge thank you to our amazing and generous Patreon supporters, who make it possible for us to produce the StoryWonk seminar series. You guys are the best!