Let's have a NaNoWriMo-group!
  • I was just thinking, many Storywonk listeners are probably going to participate in NaNoWriMo in November, right? Perhaps we can band together to support each other, give advice and encouragement and pep-talks to each other, ask how it's going, have people to go to in case of emergency (writer's block), and people to share our successes and sudden bursts of genious with. I think that would be awesome!

    Last year, I nanoed pretty much by myself. I don't really have any writer friends in real life, and the NaNo-forums were so huge that I didn't know where to start or where to find people I might connect with. But we're all Storywonks, so we most likely have a similar outlook on and enthusiasm for writing, so that's something that connects us, right? :)
    What do you think? Anyone interested?
  • That sounds fabulous, Nils. I'm in!
  • I'm in. I was supposed to be going through NaNo with my brother last year but he decided, day one, that he didn't want to. By that time I had already committed myself so I went forward with it but it's a lonely road to travel alone.
  • I'm considering Nano... have been so deep in my current project I haven't had time to consider a new story, but I'm sure something will come to me in the next few weeks. Count me in for now... hopefully life won't interfere in this plan in the meantime. :)

  • Oooh, that would be really cool! I LOVE NaNoWriMo!!! The more support, the better!

    Anyone know if our StoryWonk forum access will continue once the class ends?
  • Oh, we should absolutely do this! My first Nanowrimo, I did it with a bunch of friends on the internet. We can set up a forum for anyone on StoryWonk doing Nano. It'll be fun!
  • Beth, you'll still have access to this class, and anyone with a login gets access to the main panel. We'll put the Nano board up there, so if you've got a login, you can see it.
  • Not sure I can do it this year cause Im in a new job and have some personal kookiness in my life. But I would happily cheer others on! It's so fun, I'm always a wee bit sad when November starts and I can't do it. :'-(
  • Cool! Thanks, Lani! I guess you probably don't do NaNo anymore, now that you have so many other book deadlines?
  • I'm in. Last year I tried to NaNo with my old, now pretty much defunct, writing group, but no one else really participated. I think this would be fun!

  • I think Lani said she was doing nano, for the book she's on deadline for.
  • I'm in! I'll try to convince my friend to come join the forum too. :) I already convinced her to sign up for Nano, so I'm confident.
  • Beth, I do Nano whenever I can, and when possible, I coordinate my deadlines around it. This year, deadline is December! I wish I had the book done earlier, but it's been kind of a hectic year for me, so I may go screaming into this deadline. :)
  • Okay - all the new Nano boards are on the front page of the Storywonk Forums!
  • Yay, what fun! And how cool that you still do NaNo, Lani!
  • Wow, it's great that you all are interested-- It's going to be lots of fun!
    and Lani, thanks for the new Nano boards! I'm already looking forward to hanging out there in November.
  • yay! (That sums it all up. =)
  • Absolutely - I'm in too! I'm also inkgrrl over at the NaNo site.

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