The best part of what we do here at StoryWonk is talking with our many friends and listeners about the stories we all love. But as our community has grown, managing those conversations has grown more difficult. We get feedback on podcast episodes that have just been released, about episodes that we haven’t even recorded yet, and, as new listeners discover our extensive back catalog, about podcasts that we recorded years ago. Originally, most of that feedback came to us in the form of comments after each podcast post here on the site, but following those conversations has never been terribly easy. Worse still, once a podcast has been available on the site for a few weeks, very few people will see new comments.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to close the comments sections here on the site. Comments were always a compromise solution between talking directly to us and talking with the StoryWonk community, but it served neither goal very well, so we’re shuttering that space, and moving the conversation into spaces which are easier to maintain, less time-sensitive, and more direct. Existing comments will remain on the site, but there will be no new comments section at the bottom of new posts.

Instead, if you want to get in touch with us and with each other, here are four sure-fire ways:

Join The Forum

We’re really proud of our smart, inclusive and welcoming forum community. If you have any interest at all in stories and storytelling, or if you want to talk about your favorite TV show or movie, you’ll find new friends on the forum. Join today!

Follow @StoryWonk On Twitter

If a forum community isn’t your thing, or if you simply prefer brevity, then Twitter is the place for you! You can follow @StoryWonk for announcements, podcast releases and site stuff, and you can follow @LaniDianeRich for Lani, and @PaperBullets for me. If you want to tweet about our shows, we have hashtags you can use so the rest of the community can see your thoughts: #Dusted and #WBITG (We Begin In The Graveyard) for Dusted, #WUTBF for We Used To Be Friends, #TSatS for The Scot And The Sassenach, and #StarWonks for Story And Star Wars.

Call Our Voicemail Line

We have a dedicated voicemail line that you can call any hour of the day or night. If you call, we might just use your voice on one of our podcasts, so if you’d rather not appear live on a show, then be sure to let us know in the message! Call ☏252-505-WONK(9665), and let us know what’s on your mind!

Email Us

If all else fails, there’s always email! We aren’t able to reply personally to every single email that we receive — seriously, you guys, we get a lot of mail — but we both read every single message. Email with your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, ideas and questions!

We can’t wait to hear from you!