The question we get asked the absolute most often is, “What’s your theme music for [podcast]?” Well, baby, here’s your answer!

In recent years, we’ve licensed all of our music through the Envato marketplace (also known as Audio Jungle) and they sell licenses for production use that can be kinda spendy, but you might be able to hunt down the creators and find personal-use versions. Earlier on, we got songs from musicians who put their music up free for podcasts to useĀ (Nony Zero, Kevin MacLeod and Josh Woodward, I’m looking at you) or who generously gave us permission to use their song (Cloud Cult and Jim’s Big Ego, we love you with our whole hearts).

So here is the list, starting with our more recent podcasts and ending with our first… well, Lani’s first, Will Write for Wine. That was in 2007, people.


Okay, here we go!

Current Podcasts:

Nightmare in E Minor, by frozensatellite

The Journeyman Writer
Indie Film, by sevenfoursounds

The Light Bulb
Quirky Afternoon, by Sound Roll

The Scot and the Sassenach
Epic Celtic Theme, by MusicPremium

We Used to be Friends
Hypersonic Synth Theme, by Cinquequarti


Story and Star Wars
Uplifting, by Sky Productions

In Want of a Wife
Cricket Music by Mr. Ross

Dear Mr. Potter
Cricket Music by Mr. Ross

Out Of Production:

Star Trek Slap Fight
Fight No More by soundroll

StoryWonk Daily
Journey of the Featherless, by Cloud Cult

StoryWonk Sunday:
Nony Zero, Malocaster
Journey of the Featherless, by Cloud Cult

StoryWonk Sessions
East Side Bar by Josh Woodward

The Dollar Short
Dead Code by Josh Woodward

Popcorn Dialogues
Plucky Daisy, by Kevin MacLeod

Will Write for Wine
Stress by Jim’s Big Ego