This last week, our Dusted podcast passed an important milestone: after 147 episodes and two years, we reached the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Once More With Feeling. We’d been looking forward to this discussion since the very beginning, and, of course, couldn’t let it pass without some kind of special celebration.

So, we wrote some songs.

We started talking about the idea in September or October, but nothing was in place until the week of the show. Specifically To Delight Me was the easiest to write, though Lani ditched a lot of the original lyrics at the last moment in favor of her (far, far better) rewrites. Top Of The List came together more slowly, but once the core idea was in place, it didn’t need much in the way of revision. Douchebag Slayer was a late addition — I had originally written an entirely different song for that slot, in which I lamented the weird life of the citizens of Sunnydale, beginning with the lyrics:

He fell in love with a girl,
Who worked at the one Starbucks in this one-Starbucks town.
He hasn’t seen her around,
Not since that demon biker gang burned it down.

… but that song just refused to come together, so, thirty minutes before recording, I ditched the whole thing and wrote Douchebag Slayer instead. It was a moment of inspiration — and two years of pent-up frustration about the kind of guys Buffy ends up dating.

I recorded the guitar tracks through our entirely unsuitable podcast microphones, and then, with the aid of a little scotch, we recorded all the vocals in about thirty minutes. It may not be pretty, but it was done with a lot of enthusiasm!

So, these are the songs, including the lyrics as they were performed.

Douchebag Slayer
Download the .mp3 here, or find the lyrics here.

Specifically To Delight Me
Download the .mp3 here, or find the lyrics here.

Top Of The List
Download the .mp3 here, or find the lyrics here.

Thank to all our wonderful Dusted listeners for your support and enthusiasm, and for giving us the opportunity to do the dumbest, strangest, weirdest thing we’ve ever released on the internet.