The second season of Outlander has come to an end, but the conversation isn’t over — now, we want to find out exactly what you, our friends and listeners, our Smartest Scotsmen and Brazen Besoms, thought of the season as a whole!

Cast your votes below, and we’ll go through the results during our season two wrap-up extravaganza next Saturday, July 16th. If you have comments and thoughts about the season that you’d like to share, then check out the forum discussion, email us directly at podcast@storywonk.com, or call our voicemail line on 252-505-9665.

And if you missed any of our conversations along the way, then every episode of The Scot And The Sassenach podcast is still available, to ease the cruel sting of another long droughtlander!

The polls are now closed! Don’t miss our TSaTS Season Two Wrap-Up show on July 16th!

Thanks so much for voting, and for being a part of this amazing Outlander fan community! We’ll bring you the results of this poll, along with listener feedback and our final thoughts on the second season, next Saturday!