Dusted 153: These Are The Jokes

Angel takes his promise to Darla a little too literally as the forces of evil gather. In this episode, Dad (Angel 3.10)!

Dusted 151: This Old House

Willow begins to lose control of her magic, while Buffy simply loses control. In this episode, Smashed (Buffy 3.09)!

Dusted 150: Love, Labor, Loss

Holtz hunts Angel and Darla as her pregnancy nears its conclusion. In this episode, Lullaby (Angel 3.09)!

Dusted 147: Once More, Once More

Sunnydale is afflicted with some musical magic, and secrets are finally revealed. In this episode, Once More With Feeling (Buffy 6.07)!

Dusted 143: How The World Works

Buffy has to survive a series of trials as she searches for a purpose in life — including Monty Python quotes. In this episode, we discuss Life Serial (Buffy 6.05)!

Dusted 142: Exposition Gachapon

Fred’s parents come to town, and she has to finally process her return from Pylea. In this episode, we discuss Fredless (Angel 3.05)!