Dusted Update from Lani

As StoryWonk and Dusted come to a close, this is a message from Lani about where the future leads. Download the .mp3...

Dusted 157: Alchemy From Lush

This week, Dawn should know by now to be careful what she wishes for. It’s Older And Far Away (Buffy 6.14)!

Dusted 155: Meat Product

Buffy battles minimum wage this week, and there’s a mystery about the meat at the Doublemeat Palace (Buffy 6.12)!

Dusted 154: Thankfully Invisible Things

Buffy embraces change as the geek trio devise a new… superweapon? In this episode, we welcome Sarah Cade Pezant to Dusted, and discuss Gone (Buffy 6.11)!

Dusted 153: These Are The Jokes

Angel takes his promise to Darla a little too literally as the forces of evil gather. In this episode, Dad (Angel 3.10)!

Dusted 151: This Old House

Willow begins to lose control of her magic, while Buffy simply loses control. In this episode, Smashed (Buffy 3.09)!

Dusted 150: Love, Labor, Loss

Holtz hunts Angel and Darla as her pregnancy nears its conclusion. In this episode, Lullaby (Angel 3.09)!