Dusted 142: Exposition Gachapon

Fred’s parents come to town, and she has to finally process her return from Pylea. In this episode, we discuss Fredless (Angel 3.05)!

Dusted 141: Under Water Pressure

Giles returns to Sunnydale as Buffy struggles with the existential horror of being an adult. In this episode, we discuss Flooded (Buffy 6.04)!

Dusted 140: Magical Whosie-Whatsie

You’ve got your old man in my Angel! You’ve got your Angel in my old man! In this episode, we discuss Carpe Noctum (Angel 3.04)!

Dusted 138: Gunn Point

Gunn’s old crew has lost sight of their mission, but set their sights on Angel. In this episode: That Old Gang Of Mine (Angel 3.03)!