Dusted 130: Such As It Is

Glory gets closer to her goal and Giles discovers the worst-case scenario as Buffy feels the Weight of the World (5.21)!

Dusted 125: Vision-Quest Franchise

Buffy goes off to the desert to find herself, but Spike has found his own version of the Slayer. Someone needs an Intervention (5.18)!

Dusted 124: Explosive Keyboards

We’re in search of a new status quo this week, as Cordelia learns the truth about an old friend. Prepare yourself for Disharmony (2.17)!

Dusted 123: It’s Always Sudden

We knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Share your grief this week as we discuss The Body (5.16) and Forever (5.17)!

Dusted PSA: Buffy, Remastered

Netflix has replaced its streaming versions of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with the problematic HD remasters, and we have some thoughts!

Dusted 120: Sexy Leather Cardigan

The streets of Los Angeles are under attack from Zombie Cops, and from some really problematic politics — it’s The Thin Dead Line (A2.14)!