Story And Star Wars 8: StarWonks Live II

At last, we come to the end of the Story and Star Wars series, and discuss the prequel trilogy, the saga as a whole, and what we’ve learned along the way.

Story And Star Wars 5: The Phantom Menace

We turn our attention to the prequel trilogy this week, with some thoughts on The Phantom Menace, and the ways in which it shifts our understanding of what Star Wars is.

Story And Star Wars 3: Return Of The Jedi

In our third Star Wars lecture, we close out the original trilogy with some thoughts on Ewoks, fairy tales and the zig-zagging story of Return Of The Jedi.

Story And Star Wars 1: A New Hope

In our first Star Wars lecture, we discuss what Star Wars is and isn’t, and try to answer a deceptively difficult question: what is the story of A New Hope?

Story And Star Wars: Introduction

This fall, we’re journeying to a galaxy far, far away to study one of the most important pop culture phenomena in history — Star Wars!

Story And Star Wars: Coming Soon

This fall, we’re setting course for a galaxy far, far away, and taking an in-depth look at one of the most important pop culture phenomena, Star Wars.