StoryWonk Sunday 88: We Are Groot

After a rare trip to the cinema for Guardians Of The Galaxy, we settle in for an epic three-hour journey through all things Marvel.

StoryWonk Sunday 87: Bread Makes You Fat?

This week, we discuss the road to publishing, from finished manuscript to established career. Then, we invite a special guest into the studio to discuss Brian Lee O’Malley’s brilliant graphic novel Seconds.

StoryWonk Sunday 86: The Barrymore Anomaly

Better late than never, we’re back with Rom-Com Thunderdome feedback, a new narrative phenomenon, first thoughts about adaptations, They Came Together and Celeste & Jesse Forever.

StoryWonk Sunday 84: Because Of Puns

This week, we delve deep into the listener mailbag to talk about YouTube serials, turning points and structure, golden ages and auteurs, and the unexamined televisual treasures we loved as children.

StoryWonk Sunday 83: Anytown, USA

This week, we talk about Lani being tempted by the dark side, sacrifices and narrative fulfillment, using flashbacks with purpose, and the role of America in fiction and pop culture.

StoryWonk Sunday 82: Very Specific Pants

This week, we talk a little about Big News, lament the lack of a random penguin, and talk about Joss Whedon’s brilliant, problematic and challenging adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.

StoryWonk Sunday 81: That’s Jenga!

This week on the show, we talk about Gay Panic and bromance (with thanks to the fine folks at Pop Culture Happy Hour), share some listener correspondence, and break down the basic building blocks of story structure.

StoryWonk Sunday 80: Crewcicles

To celebrate Alastair’s birthday, we address a handful of listener questions, then talk about two whole Star Trek movies: The Wrath Of Khan and Into Darkness!

StoryWonk Sunday 78: We Love Bradley Whitford

After technical difficulties ate last week’s show, we return to talk about ensemble casts, confuse ourselves with goals and motivation, and finally venture out to The Cabin In The Woods.

StoryWonk Sunday 77: Han Solo Is The Hero

This week on the show, we talk about sports metaphors, words with no English equivalent, originality and goals — it’s a packed show, so don’t miss a moment!