StoryWonk Sunday 76: Mother Issues

This week on the show, we talk about in-house memes, James Bond vs. Don Draper, Lani agrees to watch a horror movie, and we discuss the ways in which mothers are presented in fiction.

StoryWonk Sunday 75: Welcome To Camp Noir

This week on the show, we address an overlooked voicemail, talk about Doctor Who and James Bond, then celebrate the awesomeness of the new Veronica Mars movie.

StoryWonk Sunday 74: Tom Cruise Crazy

Emerging from the dizzying mists of exhaustion and bubble-wrap, we’re bringing you a clutch of listener correspondence, some thoughts on the Desolation of Smaug and more detail about Tangled, and our thoughts on modern myth and celebrity.

StoryWonk Sunday 73: Curses!

In this week’s epic-length podcast, we discuss the promises unique to romantic fiction, doors of all shapes and sizes, swearing and profanity, and the awesomeness of Jane Espenson.

StoryWonk Sunday 72: Doors And Promises

This week, we bring you the big picture as we discuss the nature of endings and storytelling vs. art. Get in touch and let us know what you think about broken promises and artistic doors!

StoryWonk Sunday 71: Cringelympics

We’re back, and we’re battling some slight audio problems to bring you a discussion of comfort food, spoilers and cringe comedy. Welcome to the all-new StoryWonk!

StoryWonk Sunday 70: He Was Dead The Whole Time

This week on the show, we have a bushel of opening bits, a discussion on location and world building, thoughts on spoilers, and tell you why you shouldn’t discuss Buffy in Barnes & Noble.

StoryWonk Sunday 69: Rebooting Moonlighting

This week on the show, we talk about our new favorite StoryWonk game, answer listener questions on the influence of anime, doing good work and Star Trek, and the appeal of stunt writing.

StoryWonk Sunday 68: Through The Cactus Patch

This week on the show, we address a flurry of listener email, take a hard left turn through the cactus patch to the crazy town of House of Cards, and discuss why doing good work matters.