The Light Bulb 58: These Kids Today

This week, we talk about criticism, the Tuesday-Morning Backlash, ivory towers, and our responsibilities as critics and reviewers!

The Light Bulb 57: We Know Her Value

This week, we talk about a unique corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — the clothes, the hats, and the mid-century adventure of Agent Carter!

The Light Bulb 54: Fussy Cookies

This week, we dream of warm summer days and the finest baked confections as we discuss The Great British Baking Show!

The Light Bulb 52: Out In The Weeds

This week, we get nerdy about primary values in art, and how we can better understand the intent of the author and the response of the audience.

The Light Bulb 49: Chewie, We’re Home

Barely a month after its release, we finally get the chance to talk about Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and answer the most pressing question: great Star Wars movie, or greatest Star Wars movie?