The Light Bulb: The Court Of Public Opinion

The Serial podcast didn’t just bring the case of Adnan Syed into the public consciousness; it also influenced a wave of other podcasts. This week: Serial, true crime and the murder of Hae Min Lee.

The Light Bulb: You Want Fry With That?

How are people judged for the way that they talk? Is the controversy over vocal fry indicative of a deeper problem? This week, we talk about talking!

The Light Bulb: Best Out Of 1,309

Join us as we eagerly look ahead to the fall, and the promise of long, cosy evenings with our favorite board and card games!

The Light Bulb: The Face/Heel Turn

Are you ready to ramble? We watched the WWE SummerSlam event, and we have thoughts about diversity, metanarrative, and the surprising brilliance of Stephen Amell!

The Light Bulb: The Best Buggy Whips

Jon Stewart is gone from The Daily Show, and TCA Press Tour has taught us that the big problem with TV is that there’s… too much of it?

The Light Bulb: The Decision Machine

This week, we talk about recommendation, cultivation and serendipity. If you like music, TV and movie, you might also like… The Light Bulb!