As part of the shake-up here on StoryWonk — what, you didn’t listen to today’s StoryWonk Daily? Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

You’re back? Awesome!

So, as I was saying… as part of the shake-up here on StoryWonk, we’re going to be bringing elements of the expanded StoryWonk universe back here to the website. Lani and I are busy people, and while you may follow our blogs, or our Twitter streams, we’re almost certainly doing something cool on the internet that has somehow escaped your notice.

For example, Lani co-hosts the Popcorn Dialogues podcast with Jenny Crusie. They’re currently looking at mystery movies, and trying to decipher the elements of good craft which make for strong stories. It’s a great, insightful show, and I can’t recommend it highly enough, whether you’re writing mysteries or not!

This week’s show is looking at the 1983 movie Trenchcoat, and you can find it at, or on iTunes. Go say hi!