If you follow us on Twitter, or if you were waiting for the delayed release of the latest Story and Star Wars lecture, then you probably know that we had some horrific technical difficulties over the weekend — technical difficulties which were compounded by the untimely death of Lani’s beloved laptop.

Unfortunately, those problems have wreaked havoc on our production schedule, and rather than make promises that we may be unable to fulfill, we’re instead going to push our entire production schedule by one week. That means, sadly, that there will be no new Dusted, We Used To Be Friends or The Light Bulb this week. The Journeyman Writer will continue as normal, as will the Story and Star Wars seminar, including the live-tweet of Attack Of The Clones on Tuesday evening. In the worst comes to the worst, we’ll be able to get back to our regular production schedule in time for next week’s shows; if our problems are resolved sooner, then we can get out ahead, and perhaps record a little bonus something for the Patreon-exclusive feed.

This also gives us the opportunity to make some much-needed improvements to the StoryWonk website, so stay tuned for more information on that.

Thanks so much for reading, and for your patience! To help your fellow wonks get through a week without their favorite podcast, why not recommend your favorites in the comments below, or on Twitter? Perhaps Lani’s interview with the wonderful Anne Kenney? Perhaps the episode of Dusted in which we looked at our favorite Buffy story so far, Graduation Day? Perhaps a classic writer-improv episode of StoryWonk Sunday? There’s lots to discover in our archive!

Thanks again, and have a great week!