It isn’t true that the Chinese word for “crisis” also means “opportunity”, but the wonderful thing about stories is that even when they’re not true, they can still be meaningful.

On Thursday afternoon, the hosting company that stores all of our websites and podcasts went down for six hours. It’s not the first time that we’ve had problems with our web host, but this was the longest outage so far — it prevented us from posting the Thursday episode of The Scot And The Sassenach until the early evening, it forced us to postpone our most recent Journeyman Writer’s Handbook class, delayed Friday’s episode of The Journeyman Writer, and it turned off all of our email addresses for the better part of a day. It was not a fun afternoon here at StoryWonk HQ. We’ve been on the internet for long enough to know that technical problems are inevitable, but we’ve reached the point where our existing web host isn’t cutting it any more, and we need to make some changes.

Unfortunately, we’ve used this host for the last five years, and, as our audience has grown and our community has developed, we’ve patched our sites and services together with a lot of duct-tape and Band Aids. Moving from our existing host to a new, faster, more robust platform is going to break a lot of those fixes, and force us to rebuild parts of our website from the ground up. In the long run, that’s going to be good for us and good for you, because it means a faster, more reliable site. In the short run, though, it means we have to get our hands dirty.

So, we’re putting all of our shows on hiatus for the week beginning May 9th — all but The Scot And The Sassenach, because we spoke to Starz about delaying the next episode of Outlander, and they weren’t terribly receptive*. In that time, will be unavailable for (very) brief periods, though the forum will remain active without interruption. We’re going to take this opportunity, sparked by crisis, to rebuild our systems and invest in our technical infrastructure so that we can continue to give you all the shows and StoryWonk goodness you love, on a more reliable schedule, as well as building a solid foundation for future growth.

Podcasts will return on Monday, May 16th. Our apologies for unexpected hiatus, and grateful thanks for your understanding.

* That is a joke. We would never mess with the scheduling of Outlander!