The short version: join us on our UStream channel at 2PM Eastern on Sunday June 24th for StoryWonk LIVE. We’ll talk about Lani’s breakout novel, Time Off For Good Behavior, and we’ll probably get a little silly. Conversation! Prizes! Good times! Don’t miss it!

The longer version: last week, we experimented with a live broadcast on Google+, using the Google Hangouts feature. It… wasn’t successful. It took us twenty minutes to figure out a system that worked for us, only one resourceful person found us — thanks for stopping by, Jennifer! — and we aren’t entirely sure how to make it more accessible. After all, who has time to tinker with circles and privacy settings on a Sunday afternoon?

But there is good news! We now have a shiny new channel on UStream, and our live broadcast is just one click away. Bookmark the StoryWonk LIVE channel, and you’ll be ready for the fun on Sunday afternoon.

(You will need a UStream account is you want to join the text chat and ask questions live, but it’s fast and free, and you can do it in advance. In fact, do it now. We’ll wait.)

We’ll send out tweets and Facebook updates before we go live on Sunday, so if you’re online, stop by and say hello. We’re going to discuss Lani’s wonderful Time Off For Good Behavior, and she’ll have a glass of wine, so she’ll answer pretty much any questions you might have. We’re going to talk about character and plot, the structure and themes of the book, the process of writing and the business of publishing, and what it’s like to write an angry heroine. If you’ve read Time Off For Good Behavior, you can’t miss the show; if you haven’t you still have some time!

Sunday. 2PM Eastern. Our UStream channel. See you there!