From time to time, we receive mysterious packages from awesome people, full of awesome things! It’s time for StoryWonk Mail Bag!


Our first surprise this week came from the brilliant Cait, who painted this Highland Cow, fresh from the pages of Outlander. We’ve called him Hamish, and he’s hanging on the wall of our office/podcast studio right now. Thanks so much, Cait!


This coming Friday, we’re beginning the long-awaited Pride and Prejudice seminar, and now — thanks to the amazing generosity of Daphne — I can enjoy the romance of Elizabeth and Darcy distilled to its purest, fuzziest form. It’s amazingly cute, and it’s going to be on the shelf behind me during the Pride and Prejudice live seminars.


This last package didn’t come from a listener, but from the Amazon delivery fairies. These four enormous volumes contain all forty issues of the season eight Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book, which is a fascinating — if not entirely successful — continuation of the slayer’s adventures after the end of the show. These oversize library hardcovers are breathtaking, and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to say hello, including the wonderful Emily, who sent us a cute springtime card that arrived at just the right moment to defuse a tough day and keep us on track — thank you, Emily! You guys are all part of the sweetest, more supportive, most first-roll-of-thunder-on-a-humid-summer-night-awesome people in all the world, and we’re grateful!