StoryWonk Sunday 20: Don’t Talk About Book Club

This week, we own up to a podcast-related mistake, talk about reviews and the Emily Giffen controversy, inaugurate our new book club by discussing EM Forster’s A Room With A View, and share some things that are making us happy.

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Thanks for listening!


  1. I’m still working my way through the podcast but I wanted to say that the theme music made me smile. I like it. I always have. It’s jaunty and it makes me move when I hear it. thanks for bringing it back!

  2. By odd coincidence, I listened to this the same day Deanna Raybourn posted this on Facebook: Thought you might find it interesting.

    As far as Amazon reviews go, I sometimes read the ones marked “most helpful,” usually only for unfamiliar authors (I do this for Kindle books a lot). But it’s really the sample chapter that I base my decisions on. With DVDs I often look at the 1 star reviews to see if it was a product issue – bad transfers, sound quality, etc., which is a problem with releases of older movies. I actually appreciate it when people do that because they always start the review by explaining that the movie was great, but the product was crap, and explain why. Using the 1 star rating in those cases means I don’t have to read 100 reviews to find out there’s something wrong, I only have to look at the handful of 1 star reviews.

  3. I read about the Emily Giffin fiasco a few days before this podcast (how cool to be “in the know!”) and thought it was interesting. Another writer actually posted it on her FB page and said, “Writers should not act like this!” I think it’s too bad the whole thing got so out of control.
    I also read that article about the guy “selling” reviews.
    I agree that you know what Amazon is and if you don’t then you have your head in the sand.
    Of course, the last few days I have read some of the most hilarious reviews EV-Er! Re; Jenny’s ArghInk post and one you did over on the Bettyverse.

  4. Whoohooo! I love that you brought Journey of the Featherless back as the theme music! Missed it. It’s just such a perfect fit for Story Wonk! Also, thanks for introducing me to Cloud Cult, they’re great!

  5. Loving hearing the Journey of the Featherless,again. Cheers.


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