Earlier this month, we compiled a list of our favorite stories of 2014, shuffled them into a random order, and wrote about each and every one. This is our personal list, so there are some striking omissions that we won’t get to until 2015 — True Detective, Fargo, Gone Girl — but everything on this list is worth your time.

Enjoy — and if you find something new that you love, let us know!


bestof2014-2Veronica Mars


bestof2014-4Captain America: The Winter Soldier



bestof2014-7His Fair Assassin

bestof2014-8Gravity Falls

bestof2014-9The Flash

bestof2014-10Silicon Valley

bestof2014-11Guardians Of The Galaxy

bestof2014-12Orange Is The New Black

bestof2014-13The Mindy Project

bestof2014-14The Edge Of Tomorrow

bestof2014-15The Thrilling Adventure Hour


bestof2014-17The Babadook

bestof2014-18Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

bestof2014-19The Newsroom

bestof2014-20Octodad: Dadliest Catch


bestof2014-22The Amazing Race

bestof2014-22Parks And Recreation

bestof2014-24Kentucky Route Zero

bestof2014-25Ms. Marvel

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