Hello, friends. This is a difficult post to write, but a necessary one: StoryWonk has come to an end.

As you all probably know, Lani and I announced our divorce in January of this year. In the days and weeks which followed, we tried to keep StoryWonk alive; originally, Lani was going to take over the day-to-day operation of the site, but when it became clear that her schedule didn’t allow her the necessary time, I took over instead. I brought back Dusted, our Buffy The Vampire Slayer podcast, with the help of the lovely Sarah Cade Pezant; I brought back The Scot and the Sassenach, our Outlander podcast, with the brilliant Daphne Olive. I had plans for the other shows too, but as those plans developed, it because clear that something had changed.

Lani and I were — and remain — incredibly proud of the work that we did at StoryWonk, and of the conversations we had. The shows that we created together were a unique mix of our personalities, passions and professionalism, and though the desire to continue the shows was well-intentioned, there simply is no StoryWonk without both of us. I’m sad to say that this announcement marks the end of StoryWonk, and that the ongoing shows will now be left incomplete. We hope that you will understand that this is better than continuing shows which are no longer their former selves.

But this doesn’t mean that we’re done with podcasting. Lani has started a new company, Chipperish, through which she is producing new podcasts and videos about The West Wing, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and much more besides. I’ve also just started a new company, Point North, through which I’ll continue the There And Back Again seminar series, Story And Star Wars, and begin a number of exciting new projects. We’re both going to be talking about Buffy and Outlander in the future — though in different ways — as well as many, many other subjects.

None of the existing StoryWonk podcasts are going anywhere, and I’ll continue to run this website as an archive for the entire StoryWonk library. We produced almost one thousand podcast episodes over the years, with a total running time of more than four hundred hours. Those shows aren’t going anywhere.

We are enormously grateful for all the support that we’ve received over the years, and for the generosity that made this entire endeavor possible. Both of the new companies are supported by Patreon pages, the links for which are below. Patreon support for StoryWonk will continue to pay for the hosting fees associated with a site and library of this size; the remainder will go to support both Chipperish and Point North. As ever, we are awed and grateful by your kindness and support.

Thank you all, with absolute sincerity. This has been an amazing journey, and though the future holds wonderful things, I will never forget the years I spent with StoryWonk. Thank you.