As you may have noticed, things have been happening here at StoryWonk. When we started podcasting, it was a passion project, the kind of thing you fit into weekends and evenings just because the work is so rewarding. We loved stories, and we loved talking about stories and teaching people how to write them. Thanks to the generous support of our patrons, we’ve been able to dedicate more time to StoryWonk, and encourage even more people to love what they love, and understand the stories that matter most. And so, thanks to our wonderful supporters, we’re turning StoryWonk into something bigger, better, and more awesome than ever before.

So let’s get to announcing the big things we have in store!

We Have a Hulk, Wednesdays starting July 27th


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, mixing comics with movies and television to expand a consistent world into a narrative landscape that is beyond ambitious. We love the movies and television shows Marvel has been releasing as part of this universe, and we’ve decided that a full StoryWonk treatment is just what this innovative and endlessly fascinating series of stories deserves. We Have a Hulk will look at everything from the movies to the television series, from the farthest reaches of outer space to the grimy streets of Hell’s Kitchen. #WHAH!

We Used to be Friends returns to Tuesdays starting July 26th


Fans of our Veronica Mars podcast have been long awaiting its return, and we’re excited to announce that the next episode of We Used to be Friends will release at the end of July. We’ll continue through the second and third seasons of the show, and then look at the Veronica Mars movie. If you haven’t yet become a Marshmallow, now’s the time to watch Veronica Mars, catch up on We Used to be Friends, and join us for more Neptune noir in July. #WUTBF

The Light Bulb, last episode airing Wednesday June 29th


Unfortunately, in order for us to have the time and creative energy necessary to bring on We Have a Hulk and bring back We Used to be Friends, we need to cease production on our pop culture show, The Light Bulb. While we’ve had so much fun in this space reserved for the kinds of conversations that won’t fit easily into our other shows, we realize that a show of “Lani and Alastair talk about Whatever” probably appeals mostly to our serious fans who are already over on Patreon. When we have a topic we’re excited about, we’ll fold it into our monthly Patreon Secret Show, or cover it with an extra Patreon-exclusive episode. We are sad to say goodbye to The Light Bulb, but it had a good run and we’re excited for what comes next.

And our Patreon Supporters are making things happen!

All of this is possible because of the generous support of our patrons, who keep our podcasts free and ad free for everyone to enjoy. Thank you so much to our Patreon supporters for making all of this possible. If you’d like to become part of this group, and gain access to our exclusive Patreon content, $1 a month is all it takes. It’s this support which has moved us from doing one hour every Sunday to producing an average of six hours of content a week. This is only the beginning of what our patrons have made possible, and our next Patreon milestone is just around the corner.

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