Many of you have been asking whether or not Lani is running a new Revision class in January, as she has for the last few years. The bad news is that her schedule is too tight to permit it, but the good news is that we’re making the recorded lectures from 2013 available in a new form. It’s all the content, insight and advice that you’d expect, in a more convenient package, for a lower-than-ever price — it’s Lani’s Revision Bundle!

If that isn’t enough, we’re throwing in a free copy of the StoryWonk Essentials: Structure lecture, a primer on the concepts and terminology you’ll need to make the most of Lani’s four-part Revision class. We’re talking about more than five and a half hours of video content, along with audio versions of the lectures for your phone or MP3 player, and notes and exercises in PDF format.

If your rough draft needs some attention, or if you just completed NaNoWriMo and you’re wondering what to do next, you can’t afford to miss Lani’s Revision Bundle!