StoryWonk Sessions: Ratatouille

This week, we travel to the finest restaurants in Paris to look at a story of great moments, but missed opportunities. Brad Bird is back, and he’s brought Patton Oswalt with him — what’s not to like about a little rat, and a little ratatouille?

StoryWonk Sessions: Cars

We’re back to discuss the seventh Pixar movie, Doc Hollywood. No, wait, Cars — I meant Cars. How does the highest-concept film so far work out? Were we charmed by Radiator Springs? How long do we have to wait for Randy Newman? Find out now!

StoryWonk Sessions: Toy Story 2

This week, we continue our Pixar series by looking at the film which cemented their reputation as the best storytellers in town, Town Story 2. Join us for a discussion of craft, magic, Aristotelian virtue ethics, The Rules Of Being A Toy – Volume 2, and how much we love Joan Cusack.