We’re proud to announce the first in the new series of StoryWonk classes, Lani’s awesome Making Magic!

Over the course of four brand-new lectures, Lani guides you through the process of discovering and strengthening your magic, that indefinable quality which makes your voice and stories unique.

So that’s more than 140 minutes of video, copies of the audio tracks for you to listen to at your convenience, .pdf notebooks and supporting materials, all of which you can save to your computer and enjoy as many times as you like, all for the low, low price of $50!

And don’t worry if you’ve taken a StoryWonk Magic class in the past — while the core ideas remain the same, the content has been redeveloped from the ground up, with new insights, new examples and new lectures.

For more information, check out the Making Magic page or more information on how StoryWonk classes work. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Lani at lani@storywonk.com. Alternatively, hit the button below to buy the class, and get started on your adventure!

StoryWonk’s Making Magic Class