Still Pretty 1: Gone

Hey, Dusted Listeners! This is the opening episode of my Buffy vlog and podcast, Still Pretty, picking up where I left off with Dusted. Be sure to subscribe to Still Pretty in your app of choice to get the rest of the show! And so it begins! Lani sits down with Gone...

Dusted Update from Lani

As StoryWonk and Dusted come to a close, this is a message from Lani about where the future leads. Download the .mp3...

Dusted 151: This Old House

Willow begins to lose control of her magic, while Buffy simply loses control. In this episode, Smashed (Buffy 3.09)!

Dusted 150: Love, Labor, Loss

Holtz hunts Angel and Darla as her pregnancy nears its conclusion. In this episode, Lullaby (Angel 3.09)!

Dusted 147: Once More, Once More

Sunnydale is afflicted with some musical magic, and secrets are finally revealed. In this episode, Once More With Feeling (Buffy 6.07)!

Dusted 143: How The World Works

Buffy has to survive a series of trials as she searches for a purpose in life — including Monty Python quotes. In this episode, we discuss Life Serial (Buffy 6.05)!