StoryWonk Sessions: Monsters University

And so, we reach the end of our journey, just as Mike and Sully are reaching the beginning of theirs. Join us as we go out in style with our last Pixar movie!

StoryWonk Sessions: Brave

Scotland, magic and bears — oh my! We’re back with Brave, and discussions of civilization vs. barbarism, mothers vs. daughters, and this movie vs. itself.

StoryWonk Sessions: Cars 2

We’re back on the road with Pixar’s twelfth feature film, 2011’s Cars 2. Does it make it to the finish line, or does it stall?

StoryWonk Sessions: Toy Story 3

We return to old favorites with Pixar’s eleventh feature film, Toy Story 3. How do Woody, Buzz and Andy hold up fifteen years after their first outing?

StoryWonk Sessions: Up

It’s a tale of high points and puns about high points as StoryWonk Sessions returns with the tenth Pixar movie: Up!

StoryWonk Sessions: Wall-E

We break format a little bit this week as we enlist special guests to help Alastair defend Wall-E from Lani’s wrath. Can the story bear the weight of the all-consuming theme? Is there humanity to be found in this tale of robots in love?

StoryWonk Sessions: Ratatouille

This week, we travel to the finest restaurants in Paris to look at a story of great moments, but missed opportunities. Brad Bird is back, and he’s brought Patton Oswalt with him — what’s not to like about a little rat, and a little ratatouille?

StoryWonk Sessions: Cars

We’re back to discuss the seventh Pixar movie, Doc Hollywood. No, wait, Cars — I meant Cars. How does the highest-concept film so far work out? Were we charmed by Radiator Springs? How long do we have to wait for Randy Newman? Find out now!

StoryWonk Sessions: The Incredibles

This week, we enter the superhero relocation program and discuss The Incredibles. Is this a turning point for Pixar’s narrative style? Does the structure impress, and does the magic sparkle? Is it, in fact, super?

StoryWonk Sessions: Finding Nemo

On this week’s show, we just keep swimming with 2003’s Finding Nemo, living in the now, the Platonic version of this film, Chekhov’s volcano, underwater anvils, and the brilliance of Ellen DeGeneres.

StoryWonk Sessions: Monsters, Inc.

Boo! This week, we look at the fourth Pixar feature release, 2001’s Monsters, Inc. Join us as we discuss prologue-ectomies, double climaxes, the Red Scare, three-beats and foreshadowing, and door physics.

StoryWonk Sessions: Toy Story 2

This week, we continue our Pixar series by looking at the film which cemented their reputation as the best storytellers in town, Town Story 2. Join us for a discussion of craft, magic, Aristotelian virtue ethics, The Rules Of Being A Toy – Volume 2, and how much we love Joan Cusack.