StoryWonk Sunday 98: The Protagonist’s Spotlight

This week, we discuss podcasts that take unusual approaches to narrative and storytelling, then deconstruct the role of the protagonist, thanks to M. Night Shyamalan’s 2000 movie Unbreakable.

StoryWonk Sunday 97: Every Part Of The Pig

This week, we don our capes and domino masks as we discuss Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, the CW’s The Flash and Arrow, and the upcoming slate of superhero movies.

StoryWonk Sunday 95: As You Wish

We return from an unexpected hiatus with a discussion about writers interacting with fans and critics, a 30 Rock promise, and — at last — The Princess Bride!

StoryWonk Sunday 94: Dodge Ex Machina

This week, we celebrate our new studio, then get down to work with writer improv, and three short tales of superheroes, piano players and a troubled barista.

StoryWonk Sunday 93: The Hard Out

It’s been a week of intense discussion here in Château StoryWonk, and we’re ready to deep-dive into narrative theory as we unpick semantic suppositions and try to figure out the hero.

StoryWonk Sunday 92: And Also Antiheroes

This week, we conclude our twenty-four hour podcast marathon with sincerity in storytelling and some thoughts on recent controversies, before finding ourselves on the brink of an analysis of the antihero.

StoryWonk Sunday 91: Huh

This week, we’re running late — but we still found time to talk about listener feedback, the value of critical thought, and how stories help connect us to others!

StoryWonk Sunday 89: Creepy Prepon Powers

This week on the show, we explain the origins of the wonk, talk about – and tease – our next Sessions series, and discuss the second season of Orange Is The New Black in full.