The Light Bulb 48: Fa La La La La

This week on the show: Christmas Music Thunderdome! You can’t leave your house at this time of year without being besieged by the same songs, over and over — but which is the best? Only Lani can decide!

The Light Bulb 47: Technically Correct

This week on the show, we discuss our recent technological transitions and epiphanies, and the importance of questioning our processes and habits.

The Light Bulb 45: Happy Happy, Joy Joy

This week on the show, we finally get around to talking about a movie which has a lot more going on inside it than first appears, Pixar’s Inside Out!

The Light Bulb 44: Not Like The Waltons

There’s a good argument that The Simpsons is the single most important TV show of the modern era — but why has it lasted so long, and what can it teach us about pop culture?

The Light Bulb 42: The Good Ship OTP

This week, we talk about ships and shipping, from Star Trek to The Flash by way of The X-Files. Why do we ship, and why do our ships feel so important?

The Light Bulb 41: It Belongs In A Museum

From stamps and coins to cars and guitars, we’re fascinated by collectors and the collections they keep. This week on The Light Bulb, we talk about the stuff we want, have and are given whether we like it or not!