Recently, we announced our brand-new podcast dedicated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, We Have A Hulk. Unfortunately, between the time that we came up with that title and the time that we announced that title, another podcast proved that great minds think alike, and had the same idea. The confusion is entirely our fault — we checked for other podcasts or blogs using the name back when we thought of it, but didn’t check again prior to announcing our new show. That’s on us. Luckily, a handful of awesome StoryWonk listeners got in touch this week to tell us that the name was already in use, and we went back to the drawing board!


And that led us here, to the announcement of the new title for our MCU podcast, We Can Do This All Day. It doesn’t have the same snappy hashtag, but we like its combination of enthusiasm and dedication. It took a couple of days of real thought — as long-time listeners will know, we hate the process of naming a new podcast — but we’ve ended up with title that we like even more than the original.

So that’s We Can Do This All Day: A Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast, coming soon to your podcast app of choice!